Esthetician Services Henderson

Woman Receiving a Head Massage Treatment

Pamper yourself with a full line of Spa services where we focus all of our attention on you. Start with The Ultimate European Facial which is customized to your skin and let us give you the perfect experience that includes steam, exfoliation, necessary extractions, mask, moisturizer, eye and lip treatment, massage of hands, arms, neck, shoulders and your face.

We also provide shorter treatments like the popular Quick Fix Facial or our classic Facial for your back. Additionally, we offer a variety of treatments and peels such as Microdermabrasion, Light Herbal Peels, Glycolic Lightening Peels or we can do a nice 5-day Deep Peel along with your facial.

Another service we are proud to offer is our Exfoliating Salt Glow. This is a mineral-rich sea salt combined with dried seaweed and fruit enzymes which are applied and worked over your body in a rhythmic motion. Warm aromatic towels are then used to remove the crystals revealing beautiful new skin. Lavender and Almond oil massage cream is applied, and kneaded in to your body to ease tensions and leave your skin silky smooth. To find out about our esthetician services Henderson or the variety of other services we provide such as Waxing, Brows and Lashes, please call our Salon to schedule an appointment.

Woman Receiving an Exfoliating Salt Glow