Microblading Henderson

Woman Plucking her Eyebrow

​​If you want fabulous eyebrows, microblading Henderson is the treatment for you. This semi-permanent makeup treatment is internationally popular due to the way that it can completely transform your look. Taking the world and social media by storm, this trend will guarantee that you will no longer have to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

Creating natural-looking results that are balanced and defined, the results can last between 12-24 months (with top-ups suggested every 6 months)! The color of the pigments and shape will also be determined on a person-by-person basis, ensuring that your eyebrows perfectly complement your look. Looking at the shape of your face, the eyebrows will naturally fit into your look. Before undergoing the treatment, the beauticians will also check that you are happy with the shape and the color that is being applied. Ideal for when you want perfectly-shaped eyebrows for a special event, such as an anniversary celebration or even your wedding, you will see the results of the treatment the moment that it is complete!

Here at Xpressions Salon & Day Spa in Henderson, we have trained and licensed Beauticians that can give your eyebrows the natural look you desire. Using a small and specialized tool, they will create fine strokes of hair with high-quality ink pigments. This technique is similar to tattooing but more realistic and natural-looking. The 45-minute treatment will boost your self-confidence and make you feel fabulous. The beautician will apply a numbing agent to ensure that the treatment isn’t painful and will suggest aftercare once the treatment is complete.

As microblading in Henderson is an important decision that has semi-permanent results, it is important that you choose an experienced hair salon in Henderson and know what the treatment/aftercare fully entails before booking an appointment. It is essential that the salon uses stable pigments and sanitary tools in order to complete the treatment. The last thing you want is uneven eyebrows, filled in with the wrong color pigments.

At Xpressions Salon & Day Spa, we have:

  • The highest quality products with brilliant color retention
  • Budget-friendly prices that won’t break the bank
  • A private room with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere
  • Professionally trained staff with exceptional knowledge about microblading treatments
  • Numerous repeat customers that love and depend on our microblading follow up services.

We care about giving each of our customers a treatment that they will remember and that they are happy with. We are proud to say that we have consistently high reviews across our Facebook page and review sites. Demonstrating the service, quality of the products and experience that people have had at our salon, it’s a good indication for new customers to see what others think of our microblading treatment.

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Woman Receiving a Microblading Treatment